Aces vs Kings

21 6000/12000 2000

Tracy Stearman and Steve Krogness just tango’ed in another big all in preflop pot, for Stearman’s tournament life with her 263,000.

After the hands got revealed, she was in the lead with pocket aces, against Krogness’s kings.  They held and she secured a massive double up.

Tracy Stearman: 550,000
Steve Krogness: 100,000

Krogness Doubles up Off Rock

21 6000/12000 2000

On a J♠ T♦ 2♦ flop, from the button Ben Rock moved all in, with more than enough covering Steve Krogness.

After a bit of deliberation, Krogness made the call for his remaining 140,000.  After the discards, Rock revealed his Q♦ Q♥, and Krogness A♦ 6♦.

A low diamond on the turn locked it up for Krogness.

Steve Krogness: 300,000
Ben Rock: 480,000

Grayson Scoggin Busts in 5th ($600)

21 6000/12000 2000

Real well played all day long Grayson, thanks for playing today!

Chip Counts of Our Final 5

As we’re on break here, here’s the approximate chip counts of the five remaining players:

Steve Krogness: 185,000
Tracy Stearman: 280,000
Scotti Kunkel: 45,000
Grayson Scoggin: 270,000
Ben Rock: 365,000

They’ll be playing 6000/12000 with a 2000 ante, shortly.

Leo Castrillon-Moreno Busts in 6th ($600)

20 5000/10000 1000

We returned to the table just at the tale end of an all in and call between Leo C, and his opponent Steve Krogness.  Krogness had flopped a set of fives, and after a jack on the turn, Leo got all in with jacks and fives.  The river wasn’t a jack, meaning Leo C busted in 6th place.

Congrats on a deep run, Leo!