Our 8th and 7th Place Finishers

20 5000/10000 1000

7th: Dana McElwain
8th: James McCarthy

Both these guys are also taking home $600 tonight, courtesy of the deal that was struck earlier. A quality job today, both of you!

Krogness Doubles Through Leo C

20 5000/10000 1000

After a mid position limp, Leo C limped on the button.  Steve Krogness completed in his SB, and Tracy Stearman checked her option.

A Q♥ Q♠ T♦ flop got checked to Leo C on the button who bet 18,000.  Krogness quickly moved all in for 40,000 total, and all folded to Leo C who made the call for 22,000 more.

Krogness was in a bit of trouble as he learned his J♣ 9♦ was against Leo’s K♠ J♥, but that trouble disappeared when a K♣ on the turn gave Krogness a straight.  The 4♥ river couldn’t let Leo overtake the straight, and Krogness scored a double up around 120,000.  The hand left Leo down to around 60,000.

Our 10th and 9th Place Finishers…

19 4000/8000 1000

Since striking the 11 way deal, bust outs have been fast and furious!

In 9th, Dale Franke!

In 8th, Gerald Hanson.

Both players will take home $600 tonight, awesome job guys!

Our Final Table!

19 4000/8000 1000

Here’s our final table tonight, congrats to these players who are still alive!

Kelly Day Out in 11th ($600)

19 4000/8000 1000

Congrats to Kelly Day on another nice run this weekend!  Thanks for attending PIFT events ALL weekend long, it was noticed and appreciated!