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Money Delivered to Ronald McDonald House Charities — Upper Midwest ($8,522.60)

This evening, Ronald McDonald House Charities — Upper Midwest received all proceeds ($8,522.60) from “Crazy Pineapple” and “Winners Shown” events at Canterbury Park on July 20-22, 2018. Here is a breakdown of how we got all the way up to $8,522.60: Our Response: $1,500 Good Day Cafe: $1,000 We Fix Fireplaces: $350 Daily Fantasy Sports […]

Our Heads Up Players!

Level: 23 Blinds: 10,000/20,000Ante: 3000 Ben Rock, and Tracy Stearman are now battling heads up and agreed to chop, meaning each get $1,109 a piece, and play it out for our spiffy pineapple trophy.  The two are very close in chip count.

Steve Krogness Busts in 3rd ($600)

Level: 22 Blinds: 8000/16000Ante: 2000 On a flop of 5♥ 2♠ 2♣, Ben Rock bet 25,000.  Steve Krogness raised to 70,000, and Rock made the call. The turn was the 2♥, and Rock checked.  Krogness moved all in for about 200,000.  Rock went into the tank for over a minute, sitting on a 265,000 stack […]

Kunkel Busts In 4th ($600)

Level: 21 Blinds: 6000/12000Ante: 2000 Action has been fast and furious at the final table, still without any additional deals made. We observed Scotti Kunkel get all in on the Tx 9x 7x flop for about 50,000 against Steve Krogness.  After their discards, Kunkel revealed QQ and Krogness JT suited. Unfortunately for Kunkel, an 8 […]

Aces vs Kings

Level: 21 Blinds: 6000/12000Ante: 2000 Tracy Stearman and Steve Krogness just tango’ed in another big all in preflop pot, for Stearman’s tournament life with her 263,000. After the hands got revealed, she was in the lead with pocket aces, against Krogness’s kings.  They held and she secured a massive double up. Tracy Stearman: 550,000 Steve […]

Krogness Doubles up Off Rock

Level: 21 Blinds: 6000/12000Ante: 2000 On a J♠ T♦ 2♦ flop, from the button Ben Rock moved all in, with more than enough covering Steve Krogness. After a bit of deliberation, Krogness made the call for his remaining 140,000.  After the discards, Rock revealed his Q♦ Q♥, and Krogness A♦ 6♦. A low diamond on […]