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Blazing His Way To More Chips

Level: 6 Blinds: 200/400Ante: 50 Kelly Day limped UTG, as did our player UTG+1 and on the button.  The SB completed, and Rod Blaeser checked his BB. On the flop of K♦ J♦ 5♣, it got checked to UTG+1 who bet 800.  Blaeser and Day made the call while the SB mucked.  The three remaining […]

Multiway Action

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200Ante: 25 We arrived to a flop of Q♣ J♦ 7♥ and about 1700 in the middle and 5 players, so we’re guessing there was a raise to 300 somewhere in there. John Alexander in the SB checked, as did the BB.  Kevin McMahon wagered 750, to which he was called by […]

Murderers Row For Jacobson

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150Ante: 0 Seated with immediate position on Mark “Loki” Abboud and Max Havlish, is Kyle Jacobson. We observed a hand where a mid position player called, as did Loki and Havlish in the CO and button, and Jacobson as well who completed from the SB. The BB checked his option. A flop […]

Kappel Takes It

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100Ante: 0 Jake Kappel limped in from early position, as did the CO, button, and both blinds so we went 5 ways to a flop of A♦ T♥ 3♠. Action checked to him and he bet 300, and got called by the player in the CO. Both players then made their discards. […]

Chopping Cheddar

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50Ante: 0 Michelle Day limped UTG, and folded around to Scott Overby on the button who made it 200.  The SB called, as did Drew Lee in the BB and Day UTG. A flop of T♦ 9♣ 8♣ got checked around, as did the 7♥ turn. On a J♣ river, the SB […]

$100 NL “Crazy Pineapple” is HERE!

Greetings friends!  This page will be the headquarters for your updates all weekend long as we play down to a winner in 3 separate one day tournaments in fantastic Canterbury Park, located in Shakopee, MN off of hwy 169.TODAY: Event #3: Sunday, July 22, 12:30pm: $100 NL “Crazy Pineapple.” ALL three tournaments this weekend benefit […]

We Have Our Winner!

Our two combatants, Trevor Hills and Adam Zych, played some fast and aggressive HU poker, and it didn’t take us long to get our winner! On a 6♦ 4♦ 3♠ flop, Zych checkraised all in for his ~400,000 chip stack, and Hills made the call. Zych with J♦ 2♦ for a massive draw, and Hills […]

Shanks Busts in Third ($2,700)

Level: 22 Blinds: 8000/16000Ante: 2000 Shortly after that last hand, Steve Shanks got all in with A3o against Trevor Hills AJo, and a blank board ended Steve’s fantastic night and weekend thus far in PIFT.  He’s 2-2 at cashing this weekend, well done!  Good luck tomorrow Steve if you attempt the trifecta! Our two remaining […]

Hills Doubles Through Shanks

Level: 22 Blinds: 8000/16000Ante: 2000 Trevor Hills opened to 40,000 from the button, and both Shanks and Zych called from the blinds. It was checked to Hills on the J♣ 4♦ 6♥ flop, and he bet 90,000.  Shanks checkraised to 220,000, Zych got out of the way, Hills moved all in for about 283,000 total […]