Big Stacks With a Friendly Clash

13 1000/2000 300

It folded around to Jake D on the button and he opted to open limp. Rooster in the SB called, and Cody Gogerty in the BB checked. All three players in the pot started the hand 2x the average stack with 38 remaining.

The flop brought an A♣ J♠ 7♦, which Rooster lead out 3,000 into. Gogerty made the call, and Jake D raised to 10,000. Rooster instantly mucked his hand, while Gogerty opted to see a turn card.

With their discards complete, the turn was an 8♥. Gogerty checked, and Jake D let them both see a free river card.

A 2♠ river resulted in another round of checking. Jake D tabled A♠ Q♥, which garnered a fold from Gogerty who revealed he also had an ace.

Jake D: 137,000