Cody Torke Wins Event #2: $180+$5 “Winners Shown” ($2,427)

Your second ever Poker Is Fun Tour Champion, Cody Torke!

Cody Torke bested a field of 90 tough players who gathered at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN, to play PIFT’s “Winners Shown” event, doing so as the chip leader at the first break, and carrying that momentum through some ups and downs, all the way to the swingy final table that saw several players go from a large stack to a small stack and back up. We had 17 players make the money, including players from Wisconsin and South Dakota in addition to a bunch of our local favorites including but not limited to Tom Marsland, Michelle Day, John Somsky and Andy Kaplan. This event also saw not 1, but two deals get made at the final table. The first with 4 left guaranteed each player $1,800 and left $1,227 to play for. And then when heads up, the two players guaranteed Day $2,400, Torke $2,200, and left $227 plus the trophy to play for.

We also did a lot of good for Second Harvest Heartland. Between our 1% withheld from the prize pool, along with the charity pledge partners we have, unofficially we’ve raised a grand total of $2,472.30. Tremendous job players, and a huge thank you to the businesses and individuals that made pledges!

Here are the official results of our $180+$5 “Winners Shown”:

1st-Cody Torke ($2,427)
2nd-Michelle Day ($2,400)
3rd-Tom Marsland ($1,800)
4th-Eric Waldron ($1,800)
5th-Andrew Kaplan ($842)
6th-Steve R ($648)
7th-John Somsky ($518)
8th-Thomas Gjerde ($389)
9th-Michael Gray ($324)
10th-James Ferguson ($324)
11th-Kevin Kelly ($259)
12th-Hamza Jabri ($259)
13th-Umut Ozturk ($194)
14th-Johnny McNally ($194)
15th-Jeff Jergerian ($194)
16th-Peyton Smith ($194)
17th-Scotti Kunkel ($194)

Thank you for following along this weekend, and thank you to the many players who supported the Poker Is Fun Tour by playing in it, talking about it, tweeting about it and otherwise spreading the word.  Stay tuned for more PIFT events in the coming months!

Michelle Day Finishes Second ($2,400)

Congrats to our runner up, who played a fantastic game this afternoon and evening, Michelle Day!

Our Second Deal of The Day

20 5000/10000 1000

Our two heads up players have struck a new deal.

Michelle Day, who currently holds the chip lead, is now guaranteed $2,400.  Cody Torke is now guaranteed $2,200 — meaning they’ve left $227 to play for along with the trophy.

Tom Marsland Finishes 3rd ($1,800)

19 4000/8000 1000

Congrats to you Tom, well played today!

Sometimes The Deuce Comes

19 4000/8000 1000

Michelle Day moved all in from the button for 130,000, and got some action from Tom Marsland in the small blind.

Marsland was in the lead with A♠ J♦, against Day’s K♥ 2♥, but that changed quickly after the Q♠ 2♣ 9♣ flop.  A 3♦ turn and 7♦ river secured Day the double up.

Our 3 chip stacks now stand at roughly:

Cody Torke: 450,000
Michelle Day: 262,000
Tom Marsland: 188,000

Michelle Day Gets a Sweat For Her Life

19 4000/8000 1000

Michelle Day moved her 120,000 all in preflop from the button, Tom Marsland folded his small blind, and Cody Torke opted to call after 15 seconds of thinking. Their hands:

Day: K♦ 8♥
Torke: K♠ 8♠

The flop of 8♣ 4♠ 3♠ was just about Day’s worst nightmare, now having to fade another spade.

A turn card of 3♦ kept her alive, as did the 8♦.  Both players with 8s full of 3s got to chop the pot.

Michelle Day: 125,000
Cody Torke: 480,000

Marsland Gets Coolered by Torke

18 3000/6000 1000

A huge pot developed between Cody Torke and Tom Marsland.  By the river, all Torke’s chips were in the middle against Marsland, with the board reading: 5♦ 4♣ 2♦ 5♣ 7♥.

Torke held: 2♣ 2♥ for a full house.

Marsland held: 8♠ 6♣ for a flopped double gutshot that rivered a straight.

After this hand, our approximate chip counts 3-handed now read:

Cody Torke: 430,000
Tom Marsland: 310,000
Michelle Day: 160,000

Eric Waldron Gets Eliminated in 4th ($1800)

18 3000/6000 1000

Congrats to Eric, and thanks for making the long drive out to Canterbury!

A Final Four Deal!

17 2500/5000 500

The four remaining players have agreed to each take $1,800, and play it out for the remaining $1227 with the winner taking all (along with a swanky trophy).  Awesome!

For those curious, the original final four payouts were:

4th: $1,166
3rd: $1,685
2nd: $2,203
1st: $3,373

3 Overcards? No Fear.

17 2500/5000 500

Cody Torke raised to 12,000 under the gun, 4 handed, and action folded to Eric Waldron in the big blind who reraised to 25,000.  Torke made the call.

The flop came down A♠ Q♦ T♥, and Waldron continuation bet 25,000.  After 5 seconds, Torke laid down his hand, which had to be a relief to Torke as he rolled over 9♦ 9♥.

Eric Waldron: 145,000
Cody Torke: 190,000