Kevin Kelly Busts in 11th ($259)

Our 11th place finisher, Kevin Kelly.  Well done today!

Hamza Jabri Busts In 12th ($259)

Congrats to our 12th place finisher, Hamza Jabri!  An excellent first showing at Canterbury Park.

Eric Waldron Gets All In Against Michelle Day

14 1200/2400 400

With 5300 already invested in the pot, Day faced an all in raise by Waldron for 24,500 total.  After a few moments of thought, she said aloud, “alright, let’s gamble” and called.  She held a K♠ J♠ against Waldron’s A♥ T♣, and the not-quite-but-almost-a-coinflip race was on.

The A♣ T♠ 4♣ flop hit Waldron hard, but did leave Day drawing to a gutshot or runner runner flush draw.

The turn was the K♣, giving Waldron a few two more kings to hit but losing one of her straight draw outs.

The river was a harmless 4♦, thus giving Eric Waldron the double up!

Eric Waldron: 54,000
Michelle Day: 95,000

Second Harvest Heartland Wins Big This Weekend

With $135 raised today and $328 yesterday, PIFT players have contributed $463 to help feed hungry people across Minnesota and western Wisconsin via Second Harvest Heartland.

But not only that, this money gets combined with the money pledged by our Charity Pledge Partners:

Good Day Cafe ( 100% match up to $1000
Belgarde Property Services, Inc. ( $500
Fay & Associates: ( $500
Garelick Steel 
( $400
Daily Fantasy Sports Rankings ( 10% up to $100
The Iverson Family: $100

A HUGE thank you to our generous donors, as the grand total we’ve raised this weekend between them and PIFT players appears to be: $2,472.30.

Roughly $7 worth of food and groceries can get distributed for every dollar Second Harvest Heartland receives, which when looked at that way, means we did over $17,000 worth of good this weekend! Second Harvest can provide 3 meals for every dollar received, so we’re on the hook for helping to provide 7,416 meals to people who are in need.  Tremendous!

Umut Ozturk Busts in 13th ($194)

14 1200/2400 400

Our 13th place finisher, Umut Ozturk, congrats!

Johnny McNally Busts in 14th ($194)

Congrats to our 14th place finisher, Johnny McNally.

Jeff Jergerian Busts in 15th place ($194)

13 1000/2000 300

Our 15th place finisher today is Jeff Jergerian, taking home $194.

Gjerd’s Semibluff Gets Through

13 1000/2000 300

On the 7♠  8♠ 5♦ flop, James Ferguson bet 10,000 from the high jack with about 15,000 already in the pot.  His lone opponent, Gjerd, made the call.

Ferguson then checked the Q♣ turn, and was faced with a 15,000 bet from Gjerd.  After a bit of deliberation, Ferguson let go of his hand.

Gjerd showed K♠ 9♠ for the large draw that wasn’t yet there.

Gjerd: 110,000
Ferguson: 55,000

Kunkel takes 17th, Smith 16th

12 800/1600 200

We have our first two in the money busts, with Scotti Kunkel and Peyton Smith both walking away with $194.









Kunkel, above.










Smith, above.

Somsky Stays Alive

12 800/1600 200

John Somsky managed to get his A♥ J♠ all in preflop for 31,000 against his opponent’s A♣ 8♣. A 9♥ 9♦ 4♠ flop changed nothing, nor did the blank turn or Jack on the river. He now sits at 65,000.