Runner Runner Always Funner

11 600/1200 200

A multiway pot emerged as Hamza Jabri limped under the gun, Steve R followed suit in mid position, John Somsky on the button, as well as both our blinds.

A K♦ 5♥ 9♠ flop got bet 3000 by Steve R, to which Somsky, the small blind, and Jabri called.

The J♦ on the turn got checked to Somsky on the button, and he bet 10,000. Only Steve R called.

On the 2♦ river Steve fired out 17,000, and after a few seconds Somsky let his hand go. Steve showed 5♦ 3♦ for the win, and became the first player to clear 100,000 chips.

Day The Destroyer

9 400/800 100

Michelle Day called under the gun, 2 after her a player moved all in for 9,000. It folded around to her and she called with 8♥ 8♠, to see her opponent had A♦ 6♦.

The flop brought safety with a K♥ J♦ 9♥, turn 3♣ and a harmless 6♥ on the river secured her some more chips, while eliminating another player from today’s event.

Day now has 37,000 chips.

Gjerd Busts Peppe

9 400/800 100

Gjerd open raised in mid position to 3000, only to have Vic Peppe move all in for his remaining 7000. Gjerd quickly called with A♠ A♥, up against Peppe’s K♠ Q♠. A harmless 6AK7T board run out means Peppe has hit the rail, while Gjerd’s chip stack might be leading the way.

Gjerd: 86,000

Assorted Chip Counts At The Second Break

Gjerd: 70,000
John Somsky: 70,000
Cody Torke: 48,000
James Ferguson: 20,000
Scotti Kunkel: 10,000
Matt Hamilton: 8,000
Jim Boone: 7,000

Ozturk Sends Ghanem to the Rail

7 250/500 50

An early position player opened to 1300, Umut Ozturk called the 1300, Saad Ghanem moved all in for 5900, and both players called.

The board ran out Q♥ J♠ 6♠ 4♦ 8♠, and the action checked until the river when Ozturk threw out a bet that went uncalled, thus putting him up against Ghanem who was already all in preflop. Ozturk rivered a set of 8’s, which was more than enough against Ghanem’s unimproved A♠ 9♦.

Umut Ozturk: 35,000

Ishanov Rivers Just Enough

7 250/500 50

Azimdzhon Ishanov called under the gun, and it folded around to Michelle Day who called in the small blind. Hamza Jabri checked in the big blind.

The T♥ Q♠ 5♥ flop got checked around.

6♣ on the turn produced a 1000 bet from Jabri, in which Ishanov called.

9♦ on the river produced another 1000 bet from Jabri, and a call from Ishanov. Jabri tabled two eights, while Ishanov notched him on the river with his K♥ 9♥ that flopped a huge draw and got just enough on the river. He now sits around 28,000 chips.

Somsky’s Straight Sets the Scene

6 200/400 50

We got it recounted second hand to us, but John Somsky flopped an open ended straight draw, turned a straight that brought a 3 card flush, and got all the rest of his chips in the middle on the river and the straight was good. With that pot, he’s up near the top of the chip counts with 60,000ish!

Jabri’s Trap Springs 2 Victims

5 150/300 25

Hamza Jabri called UTG, before facing a mid position raise and a reraise from the cut off. Jabri again called, the mid position player moved all in, and both the cut off and Jabri made the call. His 17,000 was enough to cover both opponents, as was his A♣ A♠. The mid position player had A♥ K♥, and the cut off had Q♠ Q♥. The board ran out clean for Jabri, and he vaults up the chip counts to 40,000. This is Hamza’s first tournament he has ever played at Canterbury (although definitely not his first tournament in a casino), we’re wishing him the best of luck!

A Wheelly Good Hand

5 150/300 25

We arrived on the flop to see a 3♦ 2♥ 5♠ board, in which an early position player had bet 1500, and Phil Nesburg called the bet from the small blind.  The 3♠ on the turn got checked by Nesburg, his opponent moved all in for 3000, and Nesburg quickly called with A♦ 4♦, against his opponent’s A♥ K♠.  The river couldn’t bring a chop, and Nesburg secured the knock out!

Phil Nesburg: 20,000

Our first break chip leader

Cody Torke is setting the pace at the first break of the day, already turning his 10,000 chip stack into around 50,000!