Aces For Day, Today

4 100/200 25

Naji Charbel opened to 525 from early position and was faced with a 3-bet to 1500 by Michelle Day.  He made the call, and we saw a flop of 5♣ K♣ K♠.  Charbel checked, day moved all in for about 6000, which produced a fold from Charbel.  Day tabled A♥ A♦, to help chip her up to about 8000.  Charbel dips down to around 10,000, and wanted it noted “through four levels he hasn’t been dealt a hand yet.” 🙂

Griffin Doubles!

4 100/200 25

Dereck Griffin moved all in for his last 1575 chips and got a call from the player in the BB. He learned he was barely ahead with his A♣ 5♠ against his opponent’s A♦ 3♦. He flopped a five and was in business as his opponent was unable to make a runner runner winner or chop.

Dereck Griffin: 3800

Two Hands From Table 7

3 75/150 0

Hand 1: Benjamin Valder makes it 400 from under the gun, he got called by Bruce Wolfe and Jonathan Kim immediately after him, as well as Barb Blechinger in the big blind.

Valder bet 600 on the K♠ 3♦ Q♥ flop, and was called by Wolfe.

The Q♠ on the turn didn’t stop Valder from betting another 1000, to which Wolfe surrendered.  Valder tabled A♣ K♥ as his victorious hand.

Benjamin Valder: 7000


Hand 2: Jonathan Kim opened to 450 from early position, and got called by Kenneth Heathcote in early mid position, and Benjamin Valder in his big blind.

The three players checked it down to the river of a 3♠ 4♥ 2♣ A♦ 6♥ board, with Heathcote’s Q♠ J♥ strong enough to take the cake.

Kenneth Heathcote: 20,000

Clubs Come Home

2 50/100 0

Saad Ghanem opened under the gun to 300, Joseph Osterbauer called in late position, Hamza Jabri called from the small blind as did Christine Engen from the big blind.

Our flop came T♣ 9♣ 2♥ and Ghanem fired a 450 bet out there.  Osterbauer raised to 1000, Jabri called, and Engen and Ghanem both folded.

Jabri checked the 6♣ turn, Osterbauer bet 1500, to which Jabri ceded the pot to Osterbauer.  It was a wise move, as Osterbauer had turned a flush with his 8♣ 5♣.

3-Bet, 4 Ways, No Problem

1 25/50 0

Under the gun made it 125 to call, an early position player calling, James Ferguson in late position made it 500 to go. The small blind and two other players called.

The 3♦ Q♥ 4♠ flop got checked to Ferguson who fired out 1000. He got no callers, and we all got to see his T♥ T♠ withstood in spite of the over card.

Vic Peppe Wastes No Time Getting All In

1 25/50 0

On the turn with a board of A♠ 2♠ 5♣ 7♣, Vic Peppe checked, his opponent bet 2000, to which Vic Peppe moved all in for 8600. His opponent asked, “kings must not be good here” before mucking his cards. Vic Peppe rolled over A♥ K♠, to get his suspicions confirmed.

Vic Peppe” 11,500

Event 2: $180+$5 “Winners Shown” is Here!

Greetings everyone! After a highly successful Event 1: $450 “Winners Shown”  which saw Peixin Liu best a field of 82 players, we’re back at it starting at 1pm for Event 2: $180+$5 “Winners Shown,” benefiting Second Harvest Heartland.  Tune into this live updates page for continual updates as we play down to a champion!  It’s going to be a nice field size, come on down between 1pm and 4pm.  15% of the field will get paid and we allow 1 entry and up to two re-entries.