Our Final Table!!

20 5000/10000 1000

Congrats to these ten players who have made it to the final table tonight, playing for an over $2,000 first place prize!

Mcclellan Scores a Timely Double

20 5000/10000 1000

We got to the table at the very tale end of the hand, but saw Craig Mcclellan had just doubled with A♣ 9♠ on what was a 9 high flop.

His double up was against Matt Hamilton which left not more than 10,000 chips for Hamilton.  Hamilton busted in 15th on the very next hand.


Another Round of Payouts

19 4000/8000 1000

Congratulations to these players who are taking home $211 for their efforts tonight!

16th: Jacob Dasilveira
17th: Kelly Day
18th: Azure Adler
19th: Dan Edwards
20th: Tyson Maxon
21st: Steve Shanks

11th-15th will get $251, leading up to our final table!

Coolerville, USA

18 3000/6000 1000

We saw a 6 way limped bring a flop of 9♥ 9♠ T♣.

Kelly Day in the BB lead out all in for 37k, and it was folded around to Eric Frankson in the CO who made the call.  All other opponents folded, with Day’s life on the line.

Day revealed A♣ 9♦ for flopped trips and the big blind special.

Not to be outdone, Frankson tabled T♠ T♥ for the flopped boat.

Day couldn’t find the one out left in the deck, and he was sent home out in 17th place for $211.

Eric Frankson: 300,000

Our Final 2 Tables With 19 Remaining

18 3000/6000 1000

Check out who all is still in the tournament tonight a bit ago with 19 left.  Currently 17 remain, we play down to a winner tonight!


Big Hands Battling

17 2500/5000 500

Rooster opens to 21k in an early position, Brett Hueckman rips all in for about 115,000, Dan Edwards calls all in for his last 62k, and folded around to Rooster who folded to the two all ins.

Flop came 7x 5x 3x, Kings for Edwards vs the Aces of Hueckman.

Turn 5, River 3.

Dan Edwards sent to the rail in 19th place for $211.

Brett Heuckman: 205,000

First Round of Payouts

17 2500/5000 500

The first level of payouts are now complete. Congrats to the following players who all cashed for $141:

22nd: Timothy Doe
23rd: James Walsh
24th: Kasey Fingarson
25th: Rodney Colson
26th: Paul Manson
27th: Jacob Reitmeier
28th: Michael Iverson
29th: Andrew Lind
30th: Jacob Mason
31st: Anders Rydholm
32nd: Brad Sheldon
33rd: Ratna Yenigalla

16th-21st place will all take home $211

Full Payouts Chart

1st: $2,053
2nd: $1,305
3rd: $1,017
4th: $839
5th: $702
6th: $582
7th: $484
8th: $398
9th: $349
10th: $313
11th-15th: $251
16th-21st: $211
22nd-33rd: $141

Not bad at all for a 215 person $80 buy in tournament that benefits charity!!

Hueckman Fades The Huge Draw For a Ton

15 1500/3000 500

An UTG player limped, and Brett Hueckman made it 11k to go, to which the limper called and they took a pot heads up.

Q♦ 8♠ 4♦ was the flop, in which the UTG player checked, Hueckman bet 10k, and the limper shoved all in for 60k. After going into the tank for a decent amount of time, he made the call. After the discards, the two hands were:

Hueckman: A♦ Q♣
UTG: 6♦ 5♦

The turn and river blanked out, and Hueckman now finds himself sitting on around 125,000 compared to a ~78,000 chip average.

So You CAN Bluff in Crazy Pineapple…

15 1500/3000 500

Relayed to us: while on the bubble, Dan Edwards open raised preflop to 8000 with 40k behind.  Got 1 caller.

Flop Q♥ T♥ 9♠ that got checked around.  Turn Jh, and Edwards opponent checked, Edwards bet 9000, to which his opponent folded the J8.  Edwards the tabled 22.