Kicker Kicks

20 5000/10000 1000

Steve Shanks folded UTG, and Adam Zych made it 22,000 on the button.  Shide Timmons called in the SB, and Trevor Hills also called in the BB.

A flop of K♠ 9♦ 6♥ warranted no action from our 3 players.

A T♥ on the turn changed that, however.  Timmons lead out a handful of orange chips from the small blind, that turned out to be exactly 20,000.  Hills mucked, and Zych made the call.

The 6♦ on the river resulted in another round without any wagering, and at showtime, both players showed a ten, but Timmons’ kicker of an ace trumped Zych’s jack kicker.

Shide Timmons: 574,000
Adam Zych: 260,000

Ben Balling Goes Out in 5th Place ($2,500)

19 4000/8000 1000

Congrats to Ben for his efforts tonight.  He told us this was his first No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament in years and years.  Pretty solid showing, and thanks for playing today!

Zych Can’t Get Action

19 4000/8000 1000

Adam Zych open raised to 20,000 in the CO, and Ben Balling made the call from his BB.

A flop of A♦ 2♠ J♣ went check, check.

Balling again checked the T♥ turn card, and this time Zych bet 23,000.  Balling quickly folded, and Zych had to reveal he had flopped aces and twos.

Adam Zych: 380,000
Ben Balling: 200,000

One More Deal Reached

The five remaining players, once realizing they had left more for 1st place than they thought, have changed their payouts to:

1st: $4,000
2nd-5th: $2,500

Tracy Stearman Busts in 6th ($2,000)

Congrats to our 6th place finisher, Tracy Stearman.  She’ll be taking home $2,000 for her work tonight.

A 6-Handed Deal Has Been Struck

The 6 players have struck a deal that all of them are going to take home $2,000, with $336 in the prize pool going to charity, and then playing for the remaining $6000 for 1st.

Rough Chip Counts With 6 Left

18 3000/6000 1000

Adam Zych: 205,000
Shide Timmons: 380,000
Trevor Hills: 300,000
Tracy Stearman: 150,000
Ben Balling: 290,000
Steve Shanks: 230,000

Bill Ronning Out in 7th ($1,226)

18 3000/6000 1000

Steve Shanks limp UTG, and action folded around to Bill Ronning in the BB, where he moved his last ~ 90,000 all in.  Shanks quickly called.

Ronning: A♠ Q♥
Shanks: A♦ A♣

The flop of Q♦ 2♥ 7♣ offered Ronning some hope.  A K♣ on the turn was just enough paint to be taunting to Ronning, and the 6♠ river didn’t help him either.

Bill Ronning gets $1,226 for his 7th place finish though, which is fantastic!

Steve Shanks is up to 250,000.

Vic Peppe Busts in 8th Place ($1,034)

Vic got all in on a K♥ [Td 8♠ flop with K♠ Q♦ against Shide Timmons, who after a few moments called the all in with K♣ T♠.  The turn and river offered no help to Vic, so he leaves us in 8th for $1,034.  Well done today Vic, always fighting hard!

Shide Timmons has chipped up to 380,000.

Our Next Level of Payouts

17 2500/5000 500

Congrats to the two guys who have just been eliminated from the tournament in the last 5 minutes!  They’ll each get $856 out of today’s event, well done!

9th: Bob Van Syckle
10th: Umut Ozturk

We’ve got 8 left, with an average stack of 193.5k and 12 more minutes of 2500/5000 blinds, 500 ante.