Tracy Steers No Pair Through Muddy Waters

17 2500/5000 500

Tracy Stearman opened UTG for 20,000, and got called by Vic Peppe in mid position, Umut Ozturk in the CO, and Trevor Hills in the BB.

A 9♠ 5♠ 3♥ flop was checked to her, and she moved all in for her last 90,000.  Her three opponents all ended up folding, and she tabled her hand: A♥ K♣.

An opponent or two of hers in the pot commented that they had folded better hands.

Tracy Stearman: 180,000

Trevor Makes Zych Head For The Hills

16 2000/4000 500

Our action folded around to Adam Zych on the button who open raised to 9000.  Trevor Hills in the BB made the call.

A flop of 7♠ 4♠ 3♣ produced checks from both players.

On the 4♥ turn, Hills bet 11,500, and after 5 seconds, Zych made the call.

With the T♦ river, Hills moved all in for about 80,000.  Zych folded his hand after a short pause.

Hills should J♠ 9♣ for the successful bluff.

Trevor Hills: 135,000
Adam Zych: 240,000

No Limping Allowed

15 1500/3000 500

In one final table hand, we had 4 players limp, as it got around to Shide Timmons in his BB.

He then moved his 80,000 stack to the middle, and quickly got folds from everyone.

He tabled A♦ 7♥ which was good enough to add another 20,000 in chips to his arsenal.

Shide Timmons: 100,000

Here Are Our Final Ten

Good luck to everyone!  10th and 9th get $856, while first is $5,111.

With the one level clock roll back, we’re now in level 15, 1,500/3,000 500 ante, and the average chip stack is 154,800.  DEEP play!

Our Next Round of Payouts

Congrats to these gentleman who are leaving here with $667:

11th: Mario Scotece
12th: Scotti Kunkel

With these two busts, we have reached our ten handed final table!

Updated Chip Counts With 11 Left:

Table 1:

Umut Ozturk: 175k
Ben Balling: 345k
Mario Scotece: 58k
Tracy Stearman: 200k
Bill Ronning: 60k

Table 2:

Vic Peppe: 95k
Bob Van Syckle: 45k
Adam Zych: 275k
Shide Timmons: 145k
Steve Shanks: 130k
Trevor Hills: 103k

Our First Round of Payouts

15 1500/3000 500

Congrats to these players who are all taking home $485 for their efforts this evening!:

13th: Theodore Stier
14th: Ben Rock
15th: Robert Woo
16th: Sherry Hammers
17th: Zach Schneider
18th: Patricia Hazard
19th: Paul Eiden
20th: Matt Swanson

Our apologies for the lull in updates — this blogger just realized he had barely ate any food today and took a little dinner break.  Back at it now!

Zych Wins a Big One

14 1200/2400 400

On a board of QJ54T, Adam Zych had all 77,400 of his chips in the middle against Bob Van Sykle with a set of 5’s and it was good.

Winning the pot doubled him up to 160,00, and left Van Syckle with about 45,000.

Balling Bursts Bubble in Big Pot

14 1200/2400 400

After open raising, Ben Balling ended up calling an all in for about 80,000 total chips, on the tournament bubble. He started the hand with about 140,000.

His opponent tabled A♠ J♠, and he held T♥ T♣.

The flop of K♠ 8♠ 2♦ brought the huge sweat. Turn and river blanks, however, bursted our bubble and vaulted Balling up to one of the largest stacks in the tourney.

Ben Balling: 225,000.

Here are our final 20 players who are all in the money and guaranteed at least $485:

A Balling Turn

13 1000/2000 300

On the stone bubble, we got to the table in time to see a flop of 2♦ 3♣ 7♥, and a 5000 chip bet from Scotti Kunkel in mid position.  Ben Balling on the button made the call.

On the 5♣ turn, Kunkel checked, Balling bet 15,000, and Kunkel called.

On the 7♦ river, Kunkel again checked, Balling bet 22,000, and after 10 seconds, Kunkel made the call.

Balling showed A♣ 4♣ for the wheel, and a big chip up.

Ben Balling: 110,000
Scotti Kunkel: 65,000.