Cold Deck For Alexander

One more hand recollection that we missed the preflop action on…  John Alexander got all in on a Qx 9x 4x flop against Jake S, with Alexander having Q4 against his opponent’s 99.  The turn was a blank, and the river of a 4 gave both a full house, but not enough for Alexander to overtake the flopped set.  He busted out in cooler of a hand.

Peppe Scores a Double

4 100/200 25

We got there as the dealer was counting out the chips Vic Peppe was owed, but he managed to double up with 8♦ 7♦ on a rather scary looking board of Jx 9x 7x 8x 6x.

With that large pot, Peppe’s chips surge up to 23,000.

Also, cool shirt, sir!  If you want one of your own PIFT tshirts, we have a collection of them for sale via Flop The World.  Our store with them can be found clicking here.

Sometimes Nobody Has Anything…

3 75/150

The action begin with one of last year’s “Winners Shown” champs open limping in the highjack.  The CO followed suit, before Jake “AK1-800” raised to 475 from the button.  Kelly Day made the call in the big blind, as did both the limpers.

A flop of Q♥ 3♦ 2♠ resulted in all 4 players checking around.

A turn of the 7♣ lead to the action being checked to Jake on the button, who this time bet 700.  All three opponents folded, so Jake had to table his hand which was K♠ 8♠.  He now has around 22,000.

Huuuuuge Pot Poker

3 75/150

UTG limped for 150, Jack Li made it 400 UTG+1, UTG+2 through UTG+4 all called, as did both blinds.

Flop: Q♦ J♠ 8♠ which resulted in Li firing a continuation bet of 800 into the huge field of opponents.  UTG+2 and UTG+4 called, both the blinds folded, and with action back around to UTG, he checkraised to 3000, to which all 3 other players made the call.

Turn: 3♦.  UTG wagered 4300, to which Li was the only caller.

River: 7♠.  UTG checked, Li moved all in for 6200, and after a few seconds his opponent made the call.

Li tabled T♠ 9♠ for the flopped straight that rivered a straight flush, which was bad news for his unlucky opponent who had also flopped a straight with T♥ 9♥.

Jack Li is now among the early chip leaders, as his 12,000 chip starting stack now sits close to 40,000!

Gauntlet Laid By Our Response


This is too awesome!!  HUGE thanks to Steve Fredlund and Our Response.  As of this post we’re up to $670 already thrown Ronald McDonald House’s way.  Too cool.

If you’d like to throw in a few bucks, find Schneids at the table off to the side of the tournament area, near the Finish Line Cafe.

Bloomberg Gets The Queen He Needed

2 50/100 0

A mid position player opened to 300, and was called by the button and Mark Bloomberg in his big blind.

Flop: A♥ 8♦ Q♥, which got checked to the button who wagered 400.  Only Bloomberg called.

Turn: Q♠.  Bloomberg checks, the button bets 1000, and Bloomberg made the call.

The river was an inconsequential blank, in which both players checked.

Bloomberg’s K♠ Q♦ was good enough to scoop the pot against the opponent’s tabled A♦ K♥.

Mark Bloomberg: 14,000

$250 NLHE Winners Shown is HERE!

Greetings friends!  This page will be the headquarters for your updates all weekend long as we play down to a winner in 3 separate one day tournaments in fantastic Canterbury Park, located in Shakopee, MN off of hwy 169.

TODAY: Event #2: Saturday, July 21, 11am: $250 NLHE “Winners Shown”
TOMORROW: Event #3: Sunday, July 22, 12:30pm: $100 NL “Crazy Pineapple.”

ALL three tournaments this weekend benefit Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest, with ~5% of the prize pool going to them.  See the structure sheet for specifics.

Three lucky winners are going to walk out of this weekend taking home these beautiful looking trophies, will one of them be you?


Last night we had a super awesome $80 NL “Crazy Pineapple” tournament that drew 215 entrants. Check out the entire tournament updates here.

There are a few weekend road closures/events to be aware of:

  1. I494 will be shutting down/lanes closed almost all weekend, per the city of Bloomington’s website:
    We recommend figuring out alternative routes if you typically travel I494 through Bloomington.
  2. Warped Tour is at Canterbury 11am-9pm on Sunday, July 22.  This means that our Sunday tournament that starts at 12:30pm will likely have tricky parking at Canterbury, so plan accordingly and allow yourself a few extra minutes to arrive to Canterbury and get inside!


Lastly, while you wait for this weekend’s events to get underway, why don’t you check out our archived coverage from last fall’s two “Winners Shown” events we held at Canterbury Park, which benefited Second Harvest Heartland to the tune of $2,472.30.

Event 1, 9/9/17 at Canterbury Park: $450 NLHE “Winners Shown”
Event 2, 9/10/17 at Canterbury Park: $180+$5 NLHE “Winners Shown”