A Tough River For Ben Rock

16 2000/4000 500

On a 9♠ 9♥ 8♠ flop, Steve Krogness ended up all in against Ben Rock.

Ben Rock: Q♣ 9♦
Steve Krogness: A♦ A♣

The turn of a 4♣ was good news for Rock, but an A♠ on the river propelled Krogness’s aces into the winners circle.

Steve Krogness: 60,000
Ben Rock: 30,000

15 players remain as we’re now on break, they’ll be playing 2,500/5,000 500 ante after returning, with an average stack size of 78,000.

Tracy Stearman Leads With 15 Left

16 2000/4000 500

Tracy Stearman, fresh off her 6th place finish in last night’s $250 NLHE “Winners Shown,” is our chip leader tonight with 15 left.

The average stack is 78,000, and she’s clocking in right around 200,000.  Impressive last two days of poker Tracy, keep it going!

Boats Everywhere

15 1500/3000 500

On the turn of an A♥ Q♥ J♥ J♠ board, Jerry Hanson bet the turn, Leo C who is pictured here raised, and Hanson moved all in.  Leo C made the call.

Hanson: A♣ J♣
Leo C: Q♣ Q♠

Leo was able to fade the couple of outs that Hanson had, to double up to around 90,000.

We’re In The Money!

14 1200/2400 400

Congrats to these 18 players who are all in the money!

Webb Doubles On The Bubble

13 1000/2000 300

In a 5 way limped pot, while on the money bubble, we saw a J♥ 3♣ 5♣ flop, and Steve Webb moved all in from the small blind with his last 13,700 chips. It folded around to the button, who quickly made the call.

After their discards, Webb revealed a Jx 5x for jacks and fives, and his opponent held a Jx 3x for jacks and threes. The turn and river did not change anything, thus Webb secured a key double up.

Steve Webb: 40,000

Day Fades The Bubble

13 1000/2000 300

From late position, Kelly Day moved all in for 10,700. He got called by a large stack on the button, and everyone else got out of the day.

After a K♣ T♥ 6♥ flop and their discards, the two players had:

Day: Pocket Jacks
Opponent: 7♥ 3♥

A 6♣ on the turn and 9♣ on the river meant Day successfully faded his opponent’s flush draw, and he secured a double up to around 25,000.

Heng Gets Sent to the Rail By Krogness

12 800/1600 200

Robert Heng got the last of his chips all in preflop, with Steve Krogness making the call.

Black 3’s for Heng, up against Krogness’s pocket tens.

A clean board run out sends Krogness up to 45,000 and Heng to the rail, just a little short of the money.

A Real Sick One…

12 800/1600 200

This picture is probably all we need:


But just to give you a little bit more, all the money went in on the turn, only to bring the mother of all river cards when seat 1 who was Taylor Maas hit 2 pair.  Seat 2 with a straight flush, seat 3 ace high flush after runner spades.  Jerry Hanson in seat 2 takes it down, from Apple Valley.  He has 140,000 now.

Kunkel Takes One Out

12 800/1600 200

Scotti Kunkel got his opponent all in preflop, and then after an 8x 6x 5x flop, him and his opponent tabled their hands:

Kunkel: Pocket kings
Opponent: Jx Tx

The board ran out clean for Kunkel, and with this nice chip up, he now has 50,000.

Monster Pot

12 800/1600 200

On a flop of J♣ T♠ 4♣, and already about 30,000 chips in the middle, we saw Jason Leurquin move all in from the BB for 55,700.  His opponent, who had him covered, made the call after about 15 seconds.

Their hands were–

Leurquin: J♥ T♦
Opponent: K♣ T♣

An 8♥ and Q♥ run out ensured a massive double up for Leurquin.

Jason Leurquin: 140,000