Dale Delivers the KO

11 600/1200 200

Dale, pictured below on the right, got his aces all in preflop against another unfortunate player’s kings.  They held up to double him up to 60,000.

Kelly Takes One Off Schneider

11 600/1200 200

Zach Schneider in the BB was in a pot against Kevin Kelly who was UTG+1, on a board of K♦ J♦ T♣, and both of them checked.  From the pot size we presume there was a preflop open by Kelly and a call by Schneider.

On the A♣ turn, Schneider bet 3500.  Kelly raised him to 9000, and after 20 seconds, Schneider made the call.

The J♠ river produced a check from Schneider, and Kelly moved all in for 18,500 or so.  Schneider went into the tank for a good minute, before frustratingly folding his hand.

Kevin Kelly: 40,000
Zach Schneider: 45,000

Kevin McMahon Surging

11 600/1200 200

We got there in time to view this action, with McMahon’s QQ holding up after calling Vickie Zell’s all in preflop.

After scooping this pot, he’s near the top of the chip counts today, sitting around 90,000 as we’re now down to our final 30 players.  Average chip stack around 40,000.

Today’s Payouts

10 500/1000 100

We’ve currently got 34 left of 117 runners, and paying 18, with an average chip stack of 34.4k.

1st: $1843
2nd: $1209
3rd: $951
4th: $791
5th: $654
6th: $542
7th: $445
8th: $365
9th: $302
10th-11th: $258
12th-18th: $182

With 117 players today, that means another $468 is getting added to the already large amount of funds raised this weekend for Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest! We will post the unofficial final total raised by the end of night, after this event is complete.

Triple Him Up!

9 400/800 100

In a large 3 way all in, Kevin McMahon of Saint Louis park held the ace high flush draw on a J♠ 9♦ 7♠ flop.  One opponent had 9♠ 8♠, and another had Q♦ Q♥.

The turn made him a flush that wasn’t the T♠, and the river kept him in the lead to scoop a massive triple up and put him well over 50,000 chips compared to the 30,000 average chip stack.


It’s a Kelly Battle

8 300/600 75

Kelly Day ended up all in preflop for about 3500, against his opponent Kevin Kelly.

After a flop of Q♠ T♥ 2♦, both players discarded and their hands were revealed.

Day with pocket tens for a set, and Kelly with Ace Ten.  Running aces or running King, Jack did not happen, so Kelly Day was able to secure a double up plus some.

Assorted Chip Counts

8 300/600 75

Matt Hamilton: 10,000
Ben Rock: 37,000
Mark “Loki” Abboud: 32,000
Chris Patterson: 7,000
Vickie Zell: 30,000
Scott Koernig [Friday night’s Crazy Pineapple champ]:  30,000
Max Havlish: 15,000
James McCarthy: 65,000
Taylor Maas: 25,000
Kevin Kelly: 35,000
Dick H: 50,000
Robert Heng: 45,000

As a frame of reference, players started today with 10,000.

Heng Winning Pots

7 250/500 50

UTG+2 called in the CO, and Canterbury regular Dick H made it 1500 from the CO.  The BB, Robert Heng, made the call, as did the original limper.

A flop of 9♥ 8♥ 4♥ got checked around.

A T♠ turn got checked to Dick H, who bet 2500.  Heng checkraised all in for a little over 8000, and his two opponents both folded to his wager.


The very next hand, Heng ended up having his opponent all in preflop for about 3800.  After a Kx 7x 4x flop, his pocket queens were ahead of his opponents 87 suited, and they held up.

After these consecutive hands, his chips are around 18,000.  Dick H has already amassed 45,000, even after taking a hit in that first pot.

Blazing His Way To More Chips

6 200/400 50

Kelly Day limped UTG, as did our player UTG+1 and on the button.  The SB completed, and Rod Blaeser checked his BB.

On the flop of K♦ J♦ 5♣, it got checked to UTG+1 who bet 800.  Blaeser and Day made the call while the SB mucked.  The three remaining players then did their discards.

The A♥ resulted in Blaeser checking, and Day leading out for 1,000.  Both UTG+1 and Blaeser made the call.

A Q♦ river to complete a scary looking K♦ J♦ 5♣ A♥ Q♦ board lead to Blaeser, being first to act, moving all in for about 4,000.  Both his opponents folded.

Rod Blaeser: 14,000

HOF In Our Hearts