Double Bust Out For The Win

25 20,000/40,000 5000

Eric Frankson open shoved all in from the button 3 handed, to which Scott Koernig made the call from the SB, as did Brett Hueckman from the BB.

Flop: 7♣ 6♦ 2♥

Koernig, as the biggest stack of the 3, moved all in. Hueckman called after about 5 seconds of deliberation.

Their hands after discards:

Frankson: TT
Koernig: KK
Hueckman: K7

The board ran out clean to secure Scott Koernig the double knock out and give him the victory!

Congrats to Eric Frankson for his third place finish tonight that guaranteed him $1,017!

Congrats to Brett Hueckman for his second place finish worth $1,305!

And finally, a hearty congrats to Scott Koernig for taking down Event #1 this weekend, which was worth $2,053!

Thank you to everyone who played today and help us raise another $645 for Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest! We’ll be back at it in 7.5 hours for Event #2: $250 NLHE “Winners Shown.” Don’t miss it!

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