Huge Pot on Table 2!

10 500/1000 100

UTG limped, Azure Adler made it 3600 in mid position, the CO called, as did both the blinds and the UTG limper.

The flop came out K♠ K♦ 6♠, and the SB lead out all in for 7200.  The BB called, UTG folded, Azure moved all in for about 12-14,000, the CO had that covered and called, and the BB called all in for a bit less than Adler’s wager.

After discards, the four hands got revealed:

SB: Q♣ Q♥
BB: T♠ 8♠
Adler: A♥ K♥
CO: A♠ 4♠

The sweat was on in this rare 4 way all in pot, as the 3♦ was on the turn keeping Adler’s trip kings in front.  The river of a 5♥ changed nothing, and Adler secured a rare quadruple up and then some!

Azure Adler: 68,000