Retrospective: The PIFT Inaugural Weekend – Part 3: I Want Some Feedback and Just Share a Few General Thoughts

Hi ladies and gents, I thought I’d share with you all some insights into my mind, now that I have had time to let everything from our inaugural weekend marinate just a bit.  I truly do believe that a ton went super well in our first ever events, while also recognizing some things I dropped the ball on and can definitely improve before we go back at it.  I entered the creation-of-PIFT-journey knowing “these first events I will learn what I know, and quickly realize what I didn’t know I didn’t know about operating a poker tour,” and can say by the end of Sunday night, it definitely rang true.

Part 1: The Good
Part 2: What Can Be Worked On

I Want Some Feedback and Just Share a Few General Thoughts

One thing on my mind, is I am toying with whether we should bump the charity take up to either 2% or 3% of the prize pool… My goal since day 1 has been to raise money from charity, while doing so in a way where a player doesn’t start adding up the admin fee, staff appreciation fee, and charity fee, see those add up to some huge percent of their total buy in, and decide “this tournament doesn’t have enough money left to play for” and skip it for that reason.

But then, I also feel like, “maybe the fact this tour offers forms of poker that are different than the norm, maybe a player is willing to let charity take a slightly bigger slice as payment for getting to try out a new novelty, and nobody will feel angry about this fact after all?”  Please do let me know what you think; keep it at 1% or bump it to 2% or 3%?

Additionally, I’m debating whether to continue to limit the total number of entries at 3, or allow unlimited.  I had multiple players tell me “this tournament benefits charity, don’t limit how many times we can enter it!”  My initial reasoning for limiting the re-entries was so that a recreational player doesn’t feel like they have to go through a Mike Schneider caliber player 6 times in one event, and feel like they’re drawing super slim against the bigger name pros with huge bankrolls…

But maybe the fact charity is also winning in all PIFT events means it’s alright to remove the maximum number of entries?  I also need to make sure in all future events, all displayed signage makes light of the fact a charity is benefiting via X% of prize pool being withheld for it.

Since this write up is getting long enough, a few other bullet points in my head:

  • I’d love for future PIFT events to have multiple satellites leading up to events, with the satellites awarding a certificate specifically for the upcoming PIFT event. I think it’d be fantastic if 5 days before an event, I am able to put out on social media, “we’ve ran 4 satellites already with one more still to go, and have had 25 players already win seats for this weekend’s $450!”
  • A challenge for future events is that several of the “tweaks” that sound really fun to play, are not the easiest to convey succinctly on a sign or brochure. For example one idea that another player had for me that I think sounds AWESOME, but how do you succinctly educate people what it is?: Receive 2 tokens, and at ANY point in a hand, you can give one to an opponent, and they in turn have to show you one of their hole cards.  At the end of 8 levels, you trade in whatever tokens you have left for extra chips.  Bust a player get their tokens.  Or this could even be played where after 8 levels, you trade in your tokens (for chips) back down to 1 token in front of you, and the tourney goes on in this style with excess tokens being traded in for extra chips at every break.  Or maybe allow a person to block the card show by paying 3 tokens back to the person who paid them one?  Sounds awesome, but, how do you advertise what this event is in a short, concise way that works on a sign or in a few words?
  • Price points: would it be better to run two separate $285’s or whatever price in that ballpark, that are each a different twist — compared to how our inaugural weekend we had the same twist at two different price points? Or if keeping two different price points, are $185 and $450 the best price levels, or do those need to be adjusted a bit in either direction?

So, that’s that.  I want you to feel like PIFT is your tour.  That’s why I’m so thoroughly telling you what’s in my head, and because I want any and all feedback and thoughts so PIFT will continue to give you a poker event that you want to keep coming back to.  PLEASE let me know what you think – I love hearing compliments, but I double-plus LOVE hearing constructive criticism.