We Have Our Winner!

Our two combatants, Trevor Hills and Adam Zych, played some fast and aggressive HU poker, and it didn’t take us long to get our winner!

On a 6♦ 4♦ 3♠ flop, Zych checkraised all in for his ~400,000 chip stack, and Hills made the call.

Zych with J♦ 2♦ for a massive draw, and Hills with K♣ 4♣ for a pair.

The 6♣ on the turn changed nothing, nor did the A♥ river, thus knocking Adam Zych out in 2nd place for $2,700, and securing a $3,600 1st prize plus the trophy for Trevor Hills.

Today was also marked by raising $1,290 for Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest taken directly out of the prize pool, plus COUNTLESS others stepping to the plate and making donations of all sizes.  When everything was all said and done, an additional $2,126 by the various amazing, kind, generous players who passed through the poker tournament today, ALONG with an additional $1,500 that was offered up in a match by Steve Fredlund and Our Response.  And finally, another $.40 per player today donated by PIFT, so another $51.60. Just so incredible, words cannot express how giving Minnesota and midwest area poker players are.  Adding up $1,290 + $2,126 + $1,500 + $51.60, we unofficially raised $4,967.60 for Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest, just today alone!  So awesome!!!  The response was so overwhelming that there are too many individuals to thank.

Congrats to all of our winners today, and congrats to Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest for winning huge, too!

We’ll be back at it for one last PIFT tournament tomorrow, Sunday July 22 at Canterbury Park, 12:30pm: $100 NL “Crazy Pineapple,” with more live reporting!

Click Here for the final results to this tournament.