PIFT aims to make the game of poker more light hearted and fun, and features charity as a central component to the tour

Saint Paul, MN (July 27, 2017) – The Poker Is Fun Tour (PIFT) is set to premiere its inaugural events this fall at Canterbury Park, in Shakopee, Minnesota.  On Saturday, September 9 at 10:30am, a $450 “Winners Shown” No Limit Hold Em event is scheduled, and on Sunday, September 10 at 1pm, a $180+$5 “Winners Shown” event will be played.

PIFT separates itself from other poker tours via several distinct differences: all events will offer a special wrinkle or two that make the game feel more like a poker game played at home with friends, all events will have 1% of its prize pool withheld for charity, events will begin and end on the same day, and each tournament will pay out at least 15% of entrants are just a few of the many fundamental differences – all of which are centrally aimed to cater towards recreational players’ poker playing desires.  In the case of the September tournaments, if you win the pot, you must show your hole cards – regardless of whether it was stealing the blinds, or going all in on the river and getting a fold.

“I want this to be a tour that the community is proud of, and represents poker in a positive light,” said Mike ‘Schneids’ Schneider, founder of PIFT and 2014 inductee into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame.  “I’m real excited to introduce a variety of home game elements into a live casino tournament setting – the sky is the limit for possible wrinkles we can introduce, such as ‘crazy pineapple,’ ‘ocean cards,’ ‘first player in must limp,’ ‘two flops,’ or limitless other possibilities.  Nothing overly complicated, but all with a focus of introducing something different than the same old vanilla no limit tournament that goes all around the world every day.  I hope players can find a bit more of the ‘anything goes’ experience like you have when playing poker in a friend’s basement,” he added.

Canterbury Park’s VP of Casino Operations, Michael Hochman, says, “I’m absolutely in love with the idea of creating a tournament with an emphasis on fun, and the charity aspect is something the poker community has always embraced.  Mike approached me with the idea almost a year ago, and has been very thoughtful in putting together something unique.”

Charity is an important component to PIFT, as well.  While 1% of the prize pool may not seem like much, it will add up over time to become a substantial net good to our local, national, and global community.  Schneider believes 1% is enough to make a difference over time, without being so large it robs the tour’s players of their hard earned prize pool.  “I really wanted to strike a balance between doing good for the community, while not having poker players feel like there was too little money left to play for.  I believe a lot of small donations made over time, will lead to a large amount of good for our world.”

For more information contact:
Mike Schneider
Email: schneids@piftpoker.com
URL: http://www.piftpoker.com