About PIFT

My name is Mike Schneider, or as some of you may know me as, “Schneids.”  I’ve been a professional poker player since 2004, and care deeply about this game – so after toying with this tour idea for a long time, finally decided to create the Poker is Fun Tour.

Over the last several years, I’ve seen many things change about poker.  Some of them good, many of them not.  One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is a paradigm shift in who poker tournaments are catered towards: the last several years, the environment around casinos is one that has gotten more cut throat, serious, time demanding – and frankly, a lot less fun.

Additionally, it’s my impression that as time has went by, the voice of the poker pro’s wants and needs has overshadowed that of the recreational player.  Most specifically, professional players all covet long, slow structured, multi day tournaments – events that demand 10 or sometimes even 12 hours of playing in a day without even reaching the money; and plenty of other changes that are great for the experienced player who eats sleeps and breathes poker, but may not jive with the wishes of someone who plays poker more casually and less frequently.

That isn’t to say that poker tours like the WSOP, WPT, HPT, or MSPT aren’t fantastic and serve a lot of the market demand – I’m not saying that at all.  I will continue to play them as I can, and encourage you to do so as well (and why I’m not afraid to link to their websites, here).  I’m not slamming their model at all, as it serves a huge demand of the market.  It’s just, I also see the need for something a bit different than the aforementioned style of poker tour.

I’d like PIFT to become the poker tour of the people.  I want this to be a tour that the community is proud of, and represents poker in a positive light.  If you’re a regular poker player, I hope you can get behind me and participate in this tour because you agree with this vision and want to support poker being a bit more light-hearted and fun.  I truly do believe this is important to the continued growth and acceptance of our game of poker.

And if it’s been awhile since you’ve played poker in a casino, I hope you find my tour to be a welcoming force that reignites that competitive fire inside of you, because I truly want to bring some fun back into poker and offer a unique playing experience – something a bit more like the experience you have playing with friends in your basement.  It really is my goal and dream that the PIFT can succeed at bringing some new faces out to the casino to give this amazing game a try in a casino setting, as well as some faces that played years and years ago but decided the live poker atmosphere had lost its luster.  I want PIFT to have an informal, lighthearted, fun atmosphere – while still producing some large prize pools to play for in an environment where recreational players can feel better about their odds against the seasoned professional thanks to our fun tweaks to standard no limit hold em which means everyone is coming in on a more equal footing, because of our tournament structures being slightly shallower, and because we pay 15% of our fields.

Finally, you and I both know that most all poker players are kind-hearted, good people.  I want that to show through in this poker tour.  That is why all PIFT events have 1% of prize pools withheld for charity, in what I like to call “Poker For Good.”  Over time, through our continued small donations, we will help positively change the world in a large way – and the world will take notice of both the good we’re doing, and the fun we’re having.

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