Money Delivered to Ronald McDonald House Charities — Upper Midwest ($8,522.60)

This evening, Ronald McDonald House Charities — Upper Midwest received all proceeds ($8,522.60) from “Crazy Pineapple” and “Winners Shown” events at Canterbury Park on July 20-22, 2018.

Here is a breakdown of how we got all the way up to $8,522.60:

Our Response: $1,500
Good Day Cafe: $1,000
We Fix Fireplaces: $350
Daily Fantasy Sports Rankings: $100

July 20 $80 NL “Crazy Pineapple” $3 per entrant: $645
July 21 $250 NL “Winners Shown” $10 per entrant: $1,290
PIFT Donating $.40 per entrant on July 21’s “Winners Shown” tournament: $51.60
July 22 $100 NL “Crazy Pineapple” $4 per entrant: $468

Donations made by countless individuals, too many to list: $3,118

To read Schneids and his family’s firsthand account of how Ronald McDonald House has personally impacted them, click here.  We are proud to have supported an awesome cause in such a strong way, and are grateful for all the generous players who came out to play 1, 2, and in some cases even all 3 of our PIFT offerings in July.  Without you, the poker players, we wouldn’t have been able to raise such large amounts of money for charity.

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