Poker for Good

We have long held the belief that one of the most positive ways to promote the game of poker, is by having the game of poker helping the real world through charitable contributions. If we give enough, people will eventually notice, and slowly the public’s perception of poker will grow more and more positive and receptive. As such, every PIFT event will have 1% of its prize pool withheld for charitable donation. A few key points:

  • Help Society

    We will only be selecting non offensive, people pleasing charities that you’d have to be heartless to not be happy to support. You know, stuff like food donations, animals, water, etc. We will post ahead of time what charity is benefiting from the event too, so just in case you truly do not wish to participate due to one of our selected causes you can avoid it. Don’t worry though, we won’t get political in our charity selections.

  • Help Charity

    Charities will be highlighted on the website and our donations will be both proven with receipt documentation on our website, as well as kept track of in a counter so everyone knows just how much good the awesome people who play our tour have done. We value our reputation as being a reputable, solid poker tour, and will strive for total transparency.

  • Help Poker

    PIFT has a core aim of promoting the game of poker in a positive way to the community. Poker receives enough negative press and publicity as it is, so we wish to do our part to slowly help the public realize there are many amazing poker players who are good people out there and just enjoy playing the game for fun. While 1% isn’t a lot, it will add up over time to become a substantial net good to our community. We believe 1% is enough to make a difference, without robbing you of your hard earned prize pool.

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