Bubble Quickly Shanked

14 1200/2400 400

Our bubble lasted all of one hand as Steve Shanks got all in preflop against his small stacked opponent.

After the J♦ J♣ 3♦ flop and their discards, we saw Shanks was in great shape with his pocket queens against his opponents pocket eights. The turn and river offered no solace to our bubble boy, while the other 33 players find themselves in the money!

Steve Shanks: 60,000

On the bubble!

14 1200/2400 400

With 34 players left, we are one player away from the money.  33rd place gets paid $141, all the way up to 1st place getting paid $2053.

A Big Thank You To Our Charity Pledges

We’d like to thank the following for their generous pledges to Ronald McDonald House, Upper Midwest:

Good Day Cafe (gooddaycafemn.com): 100% match up to $1000
We Fix Fireplaces (wefixfireplaces.com): $100
Daily Fantasy Sports Rankings (dailyfantasysportsrankings.com): 10% match up to $100

Aalok Arora: $430
Gerald Cunniff: $100
Matt Wolff: $100
Vickie Zell: $50, on behalf of her recently passed daughter, Maureen Holmberg.
Joe & Kathy Schneider: $50, in honor of their son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter who benefitted from RMH.
Lisa Sauerer: $25
Joe Hsu: $10
PIFT: $.40 per entrant in the Saturday, July 21 $250 NLHE “Winners Shown.”


All of the above, along with the $645 raised tonight by the 215 Crazy Pineapple players tonight, has us off to a roaring hot start!  Ronald McDonald House provided 5,400 families facing a child’s serious illness, injury, or disability with complimentary lodging, meals and a community of support through out their four twin cities locations.  So Awesome!  Let’s keep it going Saturday and Sunday!

Big Stacks With a Friendly Clash

13 1000/2000 300

It folded around to Jake D on the button and he opted to open limp. Rooster in the SB called, and Cody Gogerty in the BB checked. All three players in the pot started the hand 2x the average stack with 38 remaining.

The flop brought an A♣ J♠ 7♦, which Rooster lead out 3,000 into. Gogerty made the call, and Jake D raised to 10,000. Rooster instantly mucked his hand, while Gogerty opted to see a turn card.

With their discards complete, the turn was an 8♥. Gogerty checked, and Jake D let them both see a free river card.

A 2♠ river resulted in another round of checking. Jake D tabled A♠ Q♥, which garnered a fold from Gogerty who revealed he also had an ace.

Jake D: 137,000

Set Cracked

12 800/1600 200

Another hand we got relayed to us involved Dan Edwards getting K♦ K♥ all in on a K♣ Q♣ 8♣ flop against Bridgette Field’s A♣ A♦ for about 19,000 a piece.

No waiting, the turn came a 6♣, giving Field a flush.

But the sweat was still on for the river, since any board pair gave Edwards a boat. However, a 2♣ river cemented Field’s double up and left Edwards solidly under the average stack.

Bridgette Field: 38,000
Dan Edwards: 28,000


12 800/1600 200

We heard about Cory Gogerty getting involved in a big 3 way all in with another player all in for 29.5k on the flop, and a third all in for slightly less.

The board was Tx 5x 2x with Gogerty holding KK against another opponent’s JJ and a third opponent’s 52.

A turn of a 9x kept the 52 two pair in front, but that changed when the board pairing Tx was the river.

After scooping this pot, Gogerty’s already huge stack has ballooned to about 192,000.  At this point with 43 players left he’s the clear chip leader!

All Set To Double Up

11 600/1200 200

UTG open raised to 5000.  Folded around to Drew Goodson in the SB who called, as did the BB.

Flop Q♦ 3♥ 2♠, which resulted in a check to UTG who bet 30,000.  Goodson made the call all in for 28,000, and the BB folded.

It was Q♥ Q♠ for Goodson, and K♣ K♥ for his opponent after the discards.

The ace on the turn and six on the river meant Goodson secured a healthy double up to around 60,000, against an average of 42,000 with our 51 remaining players tonight!

Huge Pot on Table 2!

10 500/1000 100

UTG limped, Azure Adler made it 3600 in mid position, the CO called, as did both the blinds and the UTG limper.

The flop came out K♠ K♦ 6♠, and the SB lead out all in for 7200.  The BB called, UTG folded, Azure moved all in for about 12-14,000, the CO had that covered and called, and the BB called all in for a bit less than Adler’s wager.

After discards, the four hands got revealed:

SB: Q♣ Q♥
BB: T♠ 8♠
Adler: A♥ K♥
CO: A♠ 4♠

The sweat was on in this rare 4 way all in pot, as the 3♦ was on the turn keeping Adler’s trip kings in front.  The river of a 5♥ changed nothing, and Adler secured a rare quadruple up and then some!

Azure Adler: 68,000

Some Above Average Chip Stacks

9 400/800 100

We’ve got 86 left of 215 entrants, with an average stack of 25,000.  Here are some of the people clocking in above that:

Kelly Day: 115,000
Brian Edgington: 90,000
Cory Gogerty: 82,000
Brett Hueckman: 50,000
Rooster: 50,000
Jake Mason: 48,000
Tracy Stearman: 35,000
Bill Knight: 30,000

Field and Bean Battle

8 300/600 75

We arrived on the flop to see a K♥ T♠ 8♥ board and 5200 already in the middle. Trenton Bean wagered 4,000, with Bridgette Field moving all in for her remaining ~12,000. Bean quickly called, and the two discarded their cards.

Field with K♦ T♦, and Bean, not to be outdone, held the K♣ T♣. The meaningless turn and river cards were dealt out, and both players chopped up what was in the middle.

Trenton Bean now sits around 36,000.
Bridgette Field around 15,000.