Double Bust Out For The Win

25 20,000/40,000 5000

Eric Frankson open shoved all in from the button 3 handed, to which Scott Koernig made the call from the SB, as did Brett Hueckman from the BB.

Flop: 7♣ 6♦ 2♥

Koernig, as the biggest stack of the 3, moved all in. Hueckman called after about 5 seconds of deliberation.

Their hands after discards:

Frankson: TT
Koernig: KK
Hueckman: K7

The board ran out clean to secure Scott Koernig the double knock out and give him the victory!

Congrats to Eric Frankson for his third place finish tonight that guaranteed him $1,017!

Congrats to Brett Hueckman for his second place finish worth $1,305!

And finally, a hearty congrats to Scott Koernig for taking down Event #1 this weekend, which was worth $2,053!

Thank you to everyone who played today and help us raise another $645 for Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest! We’ll be back at it in 7.5 hours for Event #2: $250 NLHE “Winners Shown.” Don’t miss it!

To see the full results from tonight’s tournament, click here!

Kevin Kelly Busts in 4th ($839)

25 20,000/40,000 5000

Congrats to Kevin Kelly for his 4th place finish tonight, he played real tough from what we saw.

Ricky Bobby Takes 5th ($702)

24 15,000/30,000 5000

Ricky Bobby ended up all in preflop against Brett Hueckman in what essentially amounted to a preflop race with KJx against Hueckman’s 99x. The board did not improve Ricky Bobby’s hand, so he exits in 5th place. Good work tonight!

Brian Edgington Takes 6th ($582)

24 15,000/30,000 5000

After an open raise to 60k, Brian Edgington moved all in from his small blind for a total of 140k.

The flop came A♥ K♦ 3♣, and after the discards, he got to learn his K♥ J♠ was behind his opponent’s K♠ Q♥.

A turn of an A♦ and a river of a 6♣ resulted in Edgington’s night ending. Congrats and well played tonight!

Nobody Is Giving an Inch

23 10,000/20,000 3000

With 6 players left, we’ve got an average stack of 358k. All level long we have not seen a hand make it to showdown, and few if any hands have made it past the flop. We’re still here ready to report any hands with significant action, when the time comes 😉

In the mean time, it’s been entertaining watching 6 players duke it out, trading jabs, waiting for someone else to make a mistake.

Payouts the rest of the way are:
1st: $2,053
2nd: $1,305
3rd: $1,017
4th: $839
5th: $702
6th: $582

Travis Kolles Finishes in 7th ($484)

22 8000/16000 2000

Super Strong run tonight Travis, thank you for playing!

Cory Gogerty Busts in 8th ($398)

22 8000/16000 2000

We have our 8th place finisher tonight, Cory Gogerty! Well played tonight, sir!

Bridgette Field Finishes 9th Place ($349)

21 6000/12000 2000

Congrats to Bridgette Field, our 9th place finisher tonight! Well done grinding out a small stack the last several hours of play!

Drew Goodson Busts in 10th Place ($313)

20 5000/10000 1000

Congrats to the first player to exit our final table tonight, Drew Goodson, in 10th place and taking home $313 for his play. Well done!

Another Payout Round

Congrats to these players who are pocketing $251 tonight:

11th: Al Arnold
12th: Jesse Puduan
13th: Craig Mcclellan
14th: Rooster
15th: Matt Hamilton