Eric Waldron Gets All In Against Michelle Day

14 1200/2400 400

With 5300 already invested in the pot, Day faced an all in raise by Waldron for 24,500 total.  After a few moments of thought, she said aloud, “alright, let’s gamble” and called.  She held a K♠ J♠ against Waldron’s A♥ T♣, and the not-quite-but-almost-a-coinflip race was on.

The A♣ T♠ 4♣ flop hit Waldron hard, but did leave Day drawing to a gutshot or runner runner flush draw.

The turn was the K♣, giving Waldron a few two more kings to hit but losing one of her straight draw outs.

The river was a harmless 4♦, thus giving Eric Waldron the double up!

Eric Waldron: 54,000
Michelle Day: 95,000