Andrew Kaplan Busts in 5th ($842)

17 2500/5000 500

Our 5th place finisher tonight, Andrew Kaplan.  Nice run, Andrew!

Steve R Exits in 6th ($648)

16 2000/4000 500

Steve R takes home 6th place, good work today!

Kaplan’s Flop Bet Gets the Job Done

16 2000/4000 500

On a 5♣ A♥ 7♠ flop with around 24,000 already in the pot, Tom Marsland checked to Andy Kaplan, who fired out a 30,000 bet. After a good 20 seconds of deliberation, Marsland laid the hand down.

Kaplan revealed a Q♥ T♥, and chips up to around 90,000.

John Somsky Out in 7th ($518)

John Somsky is our 7th place player today, taking home $518. Thanks for coming in today John!

Thomas Gjerde Finishes 8th ($389)

15 1500/3000 500

Congrats to Thomas Gjerde, our 8th place finisher!

Tom’s Not a Believer

15 1500/3000 500

Steve R open raised to 7000 from the button, and Tom Marsland made the call from his big blind.

The Q♠ J♠ 5♣ produced no action.

J♥ turn saw Marsland check, Steve R wager 10,000, and Marsland call it.

The A♠ river produced another Marsland check, Steve bet of roughly 15,000, and a Marsland call. Steve announced “7 high” as he slid his cards forward, much to the relief of Marsland and his 9♦ 9♥.

Steve R: 180,000
Tom Marsland: 170,000

Michael Gray Finishes 9th Place ($324)

14 1200/2400 400

Here’s our 9th place finisher, Michael Gray.  Nice work today!

James Ferguson Busts 10th ($324)

14 1200/2400 400

Congrats to James Ferguson, our 10th place finisher!

Gray Scores a Double Off Marsland

14 1200/2400 400

Tom Marsland open raised to 5500 in early position, and next to act, Michael Gray put his remaining 34,000 in the middle.  It folded around to Marsland who called with pocket 9’s, which were second fiddle to Gray’s Aces.

The board gave both players a flopped set, but Marsland couldn’t find the one out 9.  Gray chipped up to 70,000, while Marsland dips to 60,000.

Our Final Table and Chip Counts

Estimated chip counts:

Seat 1: Andy Kaplan – 120,000
Seat 2: Gjerd – 97,000
Seat 3: James Ferguson – 20,000
Seat 4: Cody Torke – 110,000
Seat 5: John Somsky – 72,500
Seat 6: Steve R – 155,000 –
Seat 7: Michelle Day – 120,000
Seat 8: Tom Marsland-  95,000
Seat 9: Michael Gray – 35,000
Seat 10: Eric Waldron – 64,500





They will begin play on level 14, which is 1200/2400 with a 400 ante.  We rolled the clock back a level and a half, as per PIFT final table rules!  More play when the most money is on the line!